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TNG-Dzong Suisse

TNG-DZONG SUISSE is the name of a Tibetan Buddhist Karma Kamtsang Centre established in Finhaut in the French Valais Canton of Switzerland by Lama Norbu Repa. This centre is affiliated to THEG-CHOG NORBU-I GA-TSAL Tibetan Centre established in France under the autority of His Holiness the XVIIth Karmapa, Orgyen Trinley Dorje.

It was created officially in 2010 after a year of involvement in Buddhist study and practices under the leadership of Christophe BAUD.

TNG-DZONG-SUISSE has been established as a non-lucrative association registered in Finhaut-CH and is currently in the process of being registered at the Tsurphu Labrang. This will be initiated by a written request introduced to The Gyalwang KARMAPA by Ven. Lama Norbu Repa.

TNG Swiss Sangha is a small group of Buddhist practitioners learning and practicing Tibetan Buddhist Meditation under the guidance of Lama NORBU REPA