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Tibet-Institut Rikon

The monastic Tibet Institute in Rikon was founded in the 1960s according to the wish and under the patronage of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. Today the Buddhist monastery and its Tibetan monastic community constitute a vital part of the cultural and religious life of Tibetans in Switzerland. The large variety of cultural activities of the Tibet Institute also provides an important forum for the constantly growing number of western people interested in Buddhism and Tibet. In general, the Tibet Institute contributes to the exchange of culture and knowledge between East and West.

The Tibet Institute Rikon is a non-profit foundation with the following aims:

-To provide for the spiritual and cultural needs of Tibetans in Switzerland
-The preservation of Tibetan culture and religion for the benefit of future generations of Tibetans
-To make Tibetan culture accessible to interested western and other non-Tibetan people
-To support scientific research in the field of Tibetology
-Promoting dialogue between Buddhist philosophy and western science