SBU – Schweizerische Buddhistische Union

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Chöd + Meditationszentrum zur Förderung Tibetisch Buddhistischer Kultur,

Ganden Chökhor

The center, Ganden Chökhor, is a place where the precious Tibetan Buddhist tradition is nourished and preserved, while still respecting the needs and understanding the realities of modern western society:

Buddhist Theory
Introduction to Buddhist teachings
Courses and further education, especially in Chöd and Lam Rim
Ongoing lectures by various Buddhist teachers.

Buddhist Practice and the Monastic Community

Single and group retreats
Individual guidance on the spiritual path
Regular meditation with the house community.

Tibetan Buddhist Culture
The performance of Rituals on request
Tibetan culture meets western culture
Events for the Tibetan community.

Relaxation and Holidays

Recuperation with occasional participation in the house program
The possibility for meditative holidays with family and friends
Rental of the lovely Art Deco dining room for celebrations
Long weekends and longer residency for external groups